Building A Business Is Hard, But It Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely.

Choosing the right co-founder is one of the most important decisions that an entrepreneur can make. Guerilla Founders online co-founder platform connects you to driven tech professionals like you, who inspire creative genius. Find a co-founder or teammate today! Press play to learn more or click below to get started with your FREE trial!

Guerilla: Innovative & Unconventional

Powering Relationships

Great entrepreneurs know that true success can only be achieved with help from others. Help from people who have the skills you lack. People with ambition. People who share your vision. Guerilla Founders is all about pairing the Jobs out there with their own Wozniak. Start your tech empire today!

Vision, Meet Technique

Guerilla Founders brings ambitious creators together. Are you a programmer who’s built an app, but need a marketing manager? Or a visionary looking to find a programmer to make your vision a reality? If you have a great idea but aren’t sure how to execute it, we’ll connect you with someone who can.


Not a Job Board or Freelancing Site

Sick of scrolling endless lists that don’t match your needs? Desire commitment that a freelancer can’t provide? We are all about connecting like minds. By uniting inventive and gifted thinkers, we are creating a platform that unlocks great entrepreneurial potential. Think of us as a dating site for potential co-founders. Not only do we offer up matches based on specific criteria, we also provide the resources you need once you’ve found the co-founder of your dreams. We’re not a job board, we are a community and knowledge base.  And we’d like you to join us. We will help you to find a co-founder. It’s easy, join today!


Member forums

Access our exclusive member forums and interact with community members.

live chat

Connect with interesting partners. Chat privately in real-time with your friends and followers!

Partner Portal

Found a co-founder? Don't stop there. Check out our exclusive partner portal designed to help you get you launched!


Use your unique referral link to invite friends to join. When they sign up you get cash which can be used towards your membership!


Looking for a CTO, CMO or even a Vice President? Simply plug your criteria into the search box and we’ll come up with a selection of potential candidates.


See someone whose skill set you like? Starting a relationship is simple – just request a connection. Add a friend or follow them!


Have a question? Need an unbiased opinion? Our community is full of like-minded individuals in your field who’ll be happy to help, in any way they can.


Made a new discovery? Got wind of some new info? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share your findings and discovery with the only group of people on earth that care as much as you do.

Find A Co-Founder Today! Get The Partner You Need To Build The Business Of Your Dreams.

It’s easy! Simply sign-up and complete your profile- you will be asked about your skills and interests as well as your ideas for business. If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry; you can search for someone who does!

Once you’ve filled out your profile you will have access to search for other members and connect with them: friend them, follow them, private message them or chat in the forums!

Once you’ve found your potential co-founder, check out our exclusive resource center, complete with guides, and exclusive deals with our amazing partners!

We started Guerilla Founders to bring ambitious creators together and to help you find a co-founder. Just like guerilla marketing, we pride ourselves on being innovative and unconventional.  We are all about connecting great minds, and our online co-founder platform provides specific search criteria that encourages connection while providing a resource community and ongoing industry support. If you have a great idea but aren’t sure how to execute it, we’ll help you find the match who can. Take your business from concept to launch! You might not think you need to take time to find a co-founder, but trust us, you do. Choosing the right co-founder is one of the most important decisions that an entrepreneur can make- see here.

Currently, you can sign up for a premium membership for as little as $19.99/ month, or pay annually and save 20% including a free 3 month trial. Cancel any time! Our Premium membership offers a number of exclusive features, as well as our exclusive resource center. If you’re unsure, we also have a free forever plan. Register for free and then choose your plan!

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